River on the River

There’s more to the landscape of Tuscaloosa, Alabama than just a sea of crimson, white and turf-green on game days. That’s right; T-town is also home to the gorgeous Black Warrior River. The river itself has always provided stunning views and great fishing but over the past several years, Tuscaloosa has worked to make the Black Warrior River one of its most prized possessions.

The river walk provides a place for people to enjoy a short or long walk in the shade with spectacular views. Condos have sprung up along the banks and residents can take their dogs to get their paws wet or they can relax on piers. Retail stores and restaurants have also become a fixture for those living in Tuscaloosa.

One of the more recent additions is the aptly named restaurant, River. The actual address is 1650 Jack Warner Parkway and their website describes themselves as: “an urban dining experience in the heart of Tuscaloosa on the banks of the beautiful Black Warrior River.” Both the food and the atmosphere live up to that description.

If it’s not hot outside, sitting on the patio is the recommended way to enjoy the view but the inside of River isn’t too shabby either. River is open every day but Monday, and on Saturdays and Sundays, they have a delicious brunch beginning at 10AM. It’s a perfect way to start any weekend morning.

While there, be sure to sample any number of delectable brunch choices: homemade beignets, house-cured bacon, house-made sausage, grits, pancakes, etc. River also serves lunch each day and offers items like: beef brisket tacos, fried pork chops, or the mouth-watering burger. The menu changes up a bit but there are always a variety of temptations.

Their dinner presentation steps up their elegant flair and combines it with southern charm. Here are a few examples of their dinner dishes: creamy onion dip, deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, wood oven oysters, Alabama catfish, crispy duck breast, and the certified angus filet that they serve with pecan romesco, feta, and “Belle Meadow” corn.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the dessert menu offers sweets like strawberry shortcake and peanut butter pie. They also have a number of craft beers and cocktails. Wait times vary at River but you can make reservations by heading to their website rivertuscaloosa.com. It’s also on their site where you can view more information and changing menus. You can also search for @rivertuscaloosa on Facebook!

Author: Heather Wyatt

Heather Wyatt is a writer for The Leaf and English Instructor at The University of Alabama. Follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherMWyatt and checkout her website, mylifewithoutranch.com!

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