My New Adventure – the Leaf Travels

MY NEW ADVENTURE- the Leaf Travels

By Shirley Cate – Heine

   Barry and Shirley Cate-Heine

I am pumped! I have chosen to pursue a new career!

In beginning the process to become a Disney Vacation Planner, I found  that I had many skills and qualifications that would secure me this position.  I am organized, I love Disney World, I  have great people skills and now as a retired publisher I have time to devote to my Disney passion. However, to my great surprise I found I needed to have had a recent visit. The previous 10 other times to this wonderful world of happy were a bit outdated. I needed to experience and re-acquaint. I was informed that changes have taken place in the last 3 years.

Gosh, darn, golly gee-whiz! I had to go to Disney World!!!

As this reality set in ( that I was really going to DW!!!) also came a daunting reality. I had chosen one of the busiest weeks of the year, Thanksgiving week.

I  did a search and found there were absolutely zero reasonably priced resorts left, or so I thought. I contacted Stella Sinyard, a vacation planner, and voila, in only minutes, she not only secured reservations but had ordered our tickets and shared lots of great information. I realized right then and there it was even better than I thought to use Disney Vacation Planners. The best part is there is no personal out of pocket expense to use them ( ahem, us).

In only 1 week ( fast shopping spree) we were set and ready to take off to Disney World !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stella!!

She booked us at the All Star Sports Resort. I received notification my Disney wrist bands would be awaiting me upon arrival. Wrist bands are cool. Practically everything you do is done easily by simply scanning these bracelets ( plus they are just dang cool looking)!

I began making  dinner reservations in various parks and Fast Pass+ arrangements were secured. Need I tell you, I was loving the experience? However, I  must make a confession. Upon retrospect, I would take the dining plan and not just wing it, so to speak. The dining plan is so simple and would have saved us a lot of stress. I will also purchase the Memory Maker package. Just a couple of things I learned this time around. I see why I needed a recent trip.  Nothing like hands on experience.

Another factor that became quite clear is a planner does more than just book the trip.  Stella Sinyard checked with me several times while I was in training (on vacation).  She continued to check and make sure I understood, attained and benefited in every way….again, our thanks to you Stella.

Follow us as I post how we endured the grueling training for my newest adventure.

Yes, I believe in magic!

For a person like myself, who never wants to grow up, what better profession?


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