MBUSI’s Sevenish Leads Leadership Group at Brookwood Middle


Rick Sevenish of Mercedes-Benz U. S. International came to speak to our BMS 6th and 7th grade leadership group at Brookwood Middle School. Mercedes- Benz U. S. International has served as our Adopt-a-School Partner in Education for the past 15 years. Mr. Sevenish was invited to speak by our school counselor, Ms. Lacey Lee, and spoke at length with the students about leadership skills. Specifically, he spoke about how they can make a difference, how everyone is capable of making a difference, and could potentially be someone’s hero. Mr. Sevenish stressed the importance of being optimistic, obedient, and selfless. He also spoke about setting a positive example for others to follow. In closing, Mr. Sevenish asked the students to choose one thing they could do this week to help someone else. He reminded them that they have the power to choose their actions. BMS is fortunate to have such a wonderful adopter, and we truly appreciate Mr. Sevenish taking time out of his work day to encourage and motivate our students.


Brookwood Middle counselor, Ms. Lacey Lee, and Mr. Rick Sevenish of MBUSI

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