Magic Kingdom A SPLASH!

I remember as a child loyally watching “The Wonderful World of Disney.” I can still hear the distinctive voice of Mr. Disney as he described a fantasy world called Disneyland.  At that time, I could only dream. In my mind and in reality, Disneyland was a place far far away from Alabama.  Surely, I could never go.

But  what I could do is dream! So I did!

As an adult, looking back over the many trips that I  took; I marvel at the incredible memories gathered and gleaned. My family and I cannot recall any other vacation times that we have experienced such sheer carefree fun!

As my daughters and I have matured, I now see this magical wonder living on in them as they plan their own trips to our “happy-laughing place,”Disneyworld.

I tell you anything is possible if, at first,  you dream. I have done the impossible.  I will never grow up!

This particular trip was without my daughters. My husband Barry and I visited there for our 8th month wedding  anniversary.

Follow our trip as I take you along.

NOVEMBER 2017: What a spectacular time to go! But then I have never found a bad time!


One of my favorites!!!

I am smiling because I know I am the better shooter (not).


Who do you think won?

Who do you think won? All I can say is I want a rematch!



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