Lessons from Life: Silent Night

It began as a warm, bright, starry night. But clouds were forming over the mountains and the smell of rain was present in the wind that was bullying the treetops. Soon a quiet drizzle began tip-tapping on the roof, and pit-patting on the lake. Within an hour, the rain began drumming down with force, gurgling noisily down the gutters, slapping against the windows, and hammering the lake. Lightning lit up the night sky making it brighter than the noonday sun. It shrouded the forest in an eerie green light, and the dimpled and ringed lake was clearly illuminated. Thunder shook the floor just as the house was plunged into darkness. Eventually the winds, lightning, thunder, and rain moved out of the valley, leaving behind a washed clean, silent night.

The house became humid and stuffy without fans or air conditioning. The family opened the windows and returned to bed. However the sounds of the house kept them awake. There was the slight creaking of the old beams, the squeaking of the bed frame, the buzzing of a mosquito, the soft flapping of the curtains. Then there were the outside sounds, the scuttling rustle of the night creatures through the underbrush, the hum of the cicadas and croaking of frogs, the impatient whinnies of the horses, the soft mooing of the cows all of which seemed to pulse together in time with the beat of the droplets dripping from the roof. Sleep was slow in coming.

Have you ever lain awake late at night and listened to the sounds of your house? If you listen carefully you will hear the clock ticking, the refrigerator cycling, and water flowing into the ice maker. Have you ever heard these sounds in the daytime? They are still there. But we are inundated with so many sensory inputs that we hear and see only the more powerful stimuli. The soft, subtle sounds and sights go unnoticed.

This same principle applies to the voice of God. We need to step back from the noisy distractions of this world, the demands of our flesh, the influence of others, the lies of the devil if we are to hear God. It would be so much easier if God would just use a megaphone to get our attention. But God is a gentleman and he speaks softly, never imposing His will. God wants to be our first love. He wants a deep, intimate relationship with us. We are His bride, and He is our bridegroom. The bride rests her head on the bridegroom’s chest and she hears his softest whispers. She also understands his muted utterances because she knows her husband’s character. The word of God and His character cannot be separated. So today spend some quiet time with the King of Kings, spend a few minutes learning about him in the Holy Scriptures and listen for His gentle words of direction.

“In the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Author: Bunny Murphree

Bunny is a writer for the Leaf and a speaker. For ministry needs, storytelling events, or for information on becoming a subscriber to the “Lessons From Life Column” for your newspaper or magazine, please contact Bunny by e-mail: bunny@otelco.net or call (205)274-8719.

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