Lessons from Life: Friend

She was my best friend. She was beautiful, willow slim, graceful, and poised. Eyes the color of sweet tea sparkled against the delicately boned ivory skin of her face, dark silky hair fell around her shoulders. She embraced life, splashing over with energy and enthusiasm. She was smart and witty. She did not simply enter a room; she burst into it with a generous smile and a reservoir of cheerfulness that never seemed to go dry.

I, on the other hand, was big boned, with wavy blond hair, a long oval face with a slightly-too-long nose, high cheekbones, and wide-set hazel eyes. I seemed to be all arms and legs tripping over my size eight feet. I was the sort of girl that people failed to notice, unless my clumsiness landed me in their lap.

We had attended a small rural elementary school with about thirty kids in our grade. Then we transferred to a large central High School which had over two hundred students in our class. Lynn made the transition beautifully. She soon became a class favorite, beauty queen, and cheerleader whereas I was lost in the crowd. But Lynn never forgot her hometown friends. Because of her I walked on the outer realms of the popular crowd.

One day my husband asked me about my high school experience.

“I was a big zero. I was just the blond girl who was Lynn’s friend. “

He didn’t believe me. Then several years later a new man started to work in his department. My husband discovered that the new man had graduated with me.

“I was trying to tell him who you were, when he said, ‘Oh, yea, I recall now. She was the blond that was Lynn’s friend.’ So I guess you were right.”

What a nice way to be remembered.

But more than being remembered as Lynn’s friend, I want to be remembered as God’s friend. God wants to be our friend, a friend like no other. He will help us in the troubled times. He will guide and lead us. He will forgive our sins and short comings. He will never forget us. He will love us forever.

To be a friend of God we must by faith accept His invitation of grace, believing that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died in our place. Friendships are developed through communication. It is the same with God. He has revealed all we need to know about His character, His plan of salvation, and the benefits of living a redeemed life in the Holy Scriptures. So take time to study His word, spend time in talking and walking with Him every day. Then like Abraham we will be known as a friend of God.

”And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. “ James 2:23


Author: Bunny Murphree

Bunny is a writer for the Leaf and a speaker. For ministry needs, storytelling events, or for information on becoming a subscriber to the “Lessons From Life Column” for your newspaper or magazine, please contact Bunny by e-mail: bunny@otelco.net or call (205)274-8719.

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