Journey of Hope

The last six weeks have been six of the best weeks of my life, yes, they were very stressful but I had the opportunity to get to know the birth mother of my little boy. Over these weeks we were able to form an incredible bond that is totally unexplainable. To begin with we were both comfortable with pictures, emails, and letters for updates every so often but that is all we really discussed. Well, that was not what God had in store for this journey before we knew it we were texting every day and multiple times a day. We built this incredible bond that only comes from God. I don’t see her as Cooper’s birth mom I see her as long-lost family. God has brought two strangers together who are now family all because of one little boy. Open adoption does not have to be scary as we all think it is to begin with. This precious little boy was born on July 24, 2017 @ 2:07 p.m. I had the pleasure of being in the delivery room and I was able to cut to cord. His first few minutes of life was scary but God was with this little boy the whole time. Cooper is doing amazing now and he is the most amazing little boy ever. Cooper is the example of a true miracle and gift from God. Cooper’s birth mom is doing amazing and she will also tell you that this is truly a God thing. She has a peace that is above our understanding that only comes from God. I wish you all could have the privilege of meeting this sweet person she has a testimony that is out of this world and God has done an amazing work in her life. I came to Michigan in the middle of July because we thought Cooper was coming at any time but he decided to wait a little longer. During the week before he was born we met for the first time in person we met at church and then went to a friend’s house for brunch. That meeting was awesome and completely a God thing we did not feel like two strangers meeting for the first-time face to face. We literally felt like we had known each other for ever. The night before Cooper was born she had me come on to the hospital and spend the night she was being induced and that ended up being an incredible time because we got to just talk and get to know each other even more. She has been to visit since Cooper has been born and that went incredible as well. Cooper’s birth mom literally feels like family and she is because there will always be a bond between the two of us and that is the love we both share for this little boy. He has no idea how loved he is. Open adoption does not have to be scary.


Author: Becki Hubbert

Becki Hubbert is a contributing writer for the Leaf.

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