How Do We Say Goodbye?

Let’s face it, saying goodbye is always hard especially when it’s to something you love. This year we will all say goodbye to our beloved school, Riverchase Middle. Our 8th grade might have the hardest time saying goodbye as they head to Pelham High School. The teachers and students here have created many memories, and some expressed a sentimental moment thinking of their last year to see these halls.

Will you miss Riverchase Middle School?

Mrs. Grimes – “Well yes, but I’ll keep the mementos and memories.”

Mrs. Brotherton – “Yes, there are a lot of fond memories here, but I’m looking forward to the excitement of the new building.”

Mr. Rodgers – “Yes, there are many memories here that I am going to miss, but we are all excited for the change as well.”

It seems that the faculty and student body share the same sentiment. Everyone will miss our beloved Riverchase, but we carry a cheerful spirit and great anticipation for the new school building!

Mrs. Hyatt, our school’s principal, explained why we are building a new middle school. She noted that the current school building is actually part of Hoover. Most of our community felt like the building should be located in Pelham. “Parents wanted a more centralized location,” says Mrs. Hyatt.

The city and board are working diligently to accommodate the students. “New is always exciting, and we’ll have some nicer, more modern facilities than we currently have,” explains Mrs. Hyatt. “This is my eighth year here, and I have made a lot of memories. It’s also a little bit sad to see as a s38-year old tradition come to an end.”

This school – Riverchase Middle School – is going to be missed. But we will soon have a brand new school in which to make more memories. So how do we say goodbye? Well, with a new hello.

Author: Cecilia G. Angel

Cecilia G. Angel is a student writer and 8th grade journalist for the Paw Prints News Staff at Riverchase Middle School.

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