Epic Epcot and Beyond!!

Whether it was Epcot by day or night each were delightful. We leisurely strolled through the different countries, listening to the music, sampling the food and beverages.

A trip to Epcot is is never complete for me until I have ridden the Test Track. This was Barry’s first time for Test Track. He loved it! Thank goodness for the Fastpass+ option or we probably would have passed it up as wait time was up to 140 minutes. Crowds at this time of year are a bit more intense.

One night we dined at San Angel Inn Restaurant.  The ambiance was enchanting, the food delicious and my date was quite dapper!

Another evening we dined at the Coral Reef. We sat mesmerized by the fact we were submerged in this large aquarium, entertained by shark (Bruce), a sea turtle (Crush), and other sea life as we dined on elegant fare.

By day, we chose the Electric Umbrella. This was so very simple to acquire even with massive lines. We used our Disney Experience app and were able to by pass the lines. Our scrumptious hamburgers and fries were served to us within 10 minutes!


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