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Riverchase Middle School students had a real treat when Lou Anders, healing author of the Thrones and Bones series, cialis came to visit. Anders, a Birmingham native, engaged students as he shared the process he followed to create the fantasy world of Qualth. You could tell from the laughter that Anders is quite entertaining. Interwoven between humorous anecdotes, he slipped in lessons on history, language and popular culture.

The main characters in the first book, Frostborn, are 7-foot tall Thianna who is half human, half giant; and Karn, a farmer’s son who has honed his game-playing skills with the game of Thrones and Bones. With this duo, the author accomplished two goals. One was to showcase a strong female, and the other was to have a character of mixed ancestry. Anders’ wife is from China, so their children are biracial. With his children in mind, his love of fantasy fiction, and his extensive research, he has created books that capture the imagination.

Language arts students learned about the writing process as Anders told them it took him three months to build Qualth, and then for four months he wrote from 9pm-2am four days a week, plus every other weekend he spent one day at Starbucks writing. After the book was accepted, it went through seven drafts over a year’s time before it was finally published. He gave due credit to the artists who worked with him, sharing some of their original sketches and the final products.

One unique feature of this series is the actual Thrones and Bones game. Based on his research of the ancient Norse game of hnefatafl, he created the rules of the game. His two oldest nephews, both Alabama chess champions, helped in the play testing of the game. In the back of the books, readers can find a copy of the game rules, along with games pieces and a board that can be photocopied.

Anders has traveled around quite a bit, living for a time in Virginia, England, Illinois, and California. He also visited Norway as he was conducting research for the series. The author has been back “home” in Birmingham since 2001. Lately, he has been busy visiting local schools. So many students at Riverchase Middle purchased books after his visit that he had to meet the librarian, Kathy Collins, the next day at Starbucks to sign two additional boxes of books. Many students at RMS who bought his books were already fantasy readers.

“I like fantasy,” said sixth grader Haniya. “This book has really good characters. I like the dragons and giants.”

Devon agrees, “I like to read fantasy books. Frostborn is very detailed and has a lot of action. There’s a lot of magic in it.”
Frostborn and Nightborn can be found locally at Little Professor Book Center, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble, as well as on Amazon. A third and final book in the trilogy, Skyborn, is due out next September, but Anders has a slew of ideas for more stories from the world of Qualth.

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